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    Mark Laxmeter

    Hi Dustin,

    I am not sure I understand the desired functionality here. Each tab really only has one function, not much to 'go back' to. In the only tab with subscreens, the Store, there is already a button Go Back that brings you back to the main store screen. 

    I personally find the tabs to be very functional and have not heard of any issue with it before. To avoid having your issue marked as being already implemented, please provide additional information.

    I have also not seen a "Back" button on mice, but some mice are able to map custom macros that may accomplish this. I do not see this being a very high demand feature wish, but if the upvotes are there we may consider implementing it. 

    If you wish for that to be implemented, please create a new Feature Wish for it, as there can only be one feature request per Wish. 

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