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    Parcival - GFS

    Hi there,

    What are your system specs?
    Currently the Devs are working on a solution for AMD cards with lower VRAM, however this has not been as simple as anticipated.

    For Nvidia cards the requirement is 512mb VRAM AND CUDA 5 or newer. Older/lower specced cards, particularly 6xx and some 7xx cards do not use this computing architecture and are not capable of carrying out the calculations to mine cryptocurrency. If the devs were able to find a miner capable of using these low end cards the cost of running them would outweigh the benefits of currency mined, this is also the case with some supported cards. As such it is unlikely at this time lower specification Nvidia cards will be supported.

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    Elvedhner Satva


    My graphics card is a Nvidia 920M with 4GB of RAM.

    My CPU is a Intel Core i3-5005U CPU 2.00GHz.

    I don't know where i can find my VRAM.


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    Parcival - GFS

    The VRAM is the RAM on your video card.

    Whilst you have 4GB VRAM your card only uses CUDA version 3.5 so cannot process the computations required by the miner.

    If the card was supported however you would be making <10 coins per day. Combined with the excessive heat and wear on laptops from mining it would far outweigh the benefit of mining and we do not recommend mining using a laptop.

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    Elvedhner Satva

    Ok thanks.

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