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    Mark Laxmeter

    Hi Cameron, 

    As Amir explained in that thread, we are currently an online shop not dealing in any cash. As a feature wish, this is implied it would be something that Games From Space would manage/sponsor/integrate with our client or website. 

    I understand you have started Deep Space Mining with this purpose in mind, however, for us we already have a large backlog and there are several barriers to your particular take on how to implement this feature wish. Among these include:

    - Legal concerns of liability in endorsing DSM to our users, especially since it is not managed by GFS

    - Extent of security technoloy required, and legal barriers in accepting monetary payment - most especially if PCI is involved (payment card industry / accepting credit/debit cards)

    - Compliance with recent GDPR regulations as well as any other relevant privacy regulations regarding user data, especially financial data.

    As you can see, things become far more complicated when real money becomes involved and transactions are being made. In order to keep providing our Games From Space services to all our present and future users, we need to make sure we are operating entirely within the scope of law and keeping compliance with all regulations, of which vary greatly from country to country.


    We like the idea of being able to buy SpaceCoins as an alternative to mining them, however, for the reasons above this is not something we can implement immediately. Please continue to show your support by voting on this wish and staying up to date with our communications.

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    cameron skinner

    Hi Mark

    Unfortunatly we did try to implement this, but staff were unable to help get us started (although i still think it would be nice and shouldn't be too much work).


    I have pasted thier statement just for clarification.

    ahadi-Today at 11:57 AM

    Ok guys, we just had our meeting about DSM Corp
    So for now we don't want you to advertise your service on our platform, because we are just getting started. We don't have time and man power to support your cases now.(edited)
    Also you are changing our platform quite a bit with your move. We are an online shop where a user doesn't need to pay anything in cash(edited)
    I hope that you guys respect our decision for now and we hope to keep you guys as users.
    Our position may change in the future, but for now its final.
    Deep Space Mining

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